Kind words about DON'T YA KNOW

"Don't Ya Know is a story set on Corycian Island, off the coast of Long Island, from 1900 to 1929: a time and period where outsiders clash with locals while prohibition, World War One, and the Sufragette movement take place.....The manner in which cultures, dialect, and opinions blend together makes for a fascinating drama. The writing has a literary, almost lyrical quality that will impress .... Nice touches of humour are plentiful, and serious political issues add weight to proceedings. Rosenwasser has skillfully brought the time period to life."

                       ~ Ebook Planet

 "Spanning nearly 3 decades, the novel takes place on a fictional island off the coast of Long Island. But these aren’t just any years, 1900-1929 are pivotal years in iconic American history. Spiritualism, religion, Prohibition, the First World War, and the suffragette movement are all covered skillfully by Ms. Rosenwasser. The characters who populate Corycian Island are richly drawn and moving, and quite frankly, hilarious in some cases. They are also on a collision course as they try to change with the times, and the outsiders who bring new ideas to the island."  

                       ~  Laura Novak, author,Murder at the Mailbox

Reading and Q&A, Greenport , LI. Sunday, June 5 @ 3 p.m. @ Floyd Memorial Library.

It is a new age on Corycian (Core-seen) Island, the "Eye-Land of the Gods." The putrid smelling fish oil factories of the 1800s are gone. Now The Strand Hotel,  The Believers' Campgrounds, St. Anthony's Convent, and The Captain's Guest House are destinations for shoreless refugees who seek a connection beyond themselves to an ether sifting through the island atmosphere. When the world-weary newcomers meet the unworldly islanders, a storm of spirit "be wit' in you and wit' out you, don't ya know." (to read more, click on  "Don't Ya Know" at top of page).

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Kind words about MANHASSET STORIES:

"Manhasset Stories is a book of essays written by a true writer. The memories invoked became alive. The stories are the wonder years of so many of us born in the era after WWII when America was wildly optimistic about the future. Rosenwasser expresses this optimism balancing it by the insecurities of a child testing her boundaries. A great read! I look forward to more."

                                      ~ DG on Amazon

​"Rosenwasser takes readers back to the magic of growing up in Manhasset, Long Island before it was taken over by the rich and famous. From Christmas in Manhasset (imagine Santa arriving by helicopter each year to visit with children at the local department store) to family outings at the local beach, these stories will leave you longing for a more simple time - before smart phones, computers, video games and social media took over our lives."

                                       - Ingrid Ricks, New York Times Best-selling author of Hippie Boy