The photos below are from Kathy Cirina, March 2016:

Tish McCarthy  Suzanne McLain  Mike Rosenwasser (Suz' husband)


Tish McCarthy sent the photos that follow. I really marvelled at them - remember, Ladies, that we were the first class to tie a Sports' Night? We always worked so well together.  

Send me your photos of the Class of '65 and I'll post them, Boys' school, too.​ BTW, there are photos from grammar school and Manhasset at the tab above

Sue Kelly and Pam Overwalleparagraph here.

Neil Droogan Tim Keneally Bill Rowley John Nunziata John Klein

Many more people attended some of the events,  (like Linda Jablonski, Kathy Mullally, Marilyn Dishinger, and Maureen Ferguson...and others I may have missed). Send me a few of your pics to and I will add them.

Marsha Paur

Mike and Sherry Gately

        Lynne Muller and Anne Ford

Ron Henderson,  John Conroy                                                              

Brian Healy, Paul Kelly, and Tom McGrath

Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, Saturday November 7, 2015

John Nunziata, Tom McGrath

Classmates: Mary Ann Kearney, John Nunziata, Tom Meade with Neil Droogan (Leslie Phelan's husband)

Kathy Cirina, Marsha Paur, Ann Ahearn

​​​It will always be GINO's to us....(Edison's)... November  6, 2015

Patrice Aglietti,

SMHS '61-'63

John Conroy John Nunziata  Jack Moran Bob Bickel Tom Meade

Leslie Phelan Anne Ford John Conroy Merrily Larkin Ann Ahearn Pat Garahan Pat Luddecke Nancy Betowski Mary Ann Kearney, Marsha Paur Tim Keneally Mike Gately Pinky Gulmi Bob Bickel Suzanne McLain Tricia McDonald John Nunziata Tom Meade Sue Kelly Barbara O'Connell Mary Beth Moore  Nancy DiCicco Jack Moran Pam Overwalle Kathy Corcoran John Klein Kathy Farrell..  Those who attended, but are not in photo: Julie McGuire Dan Denihan

Kathy Farrell    Mary Beth Moore   Anne Ford

Tim Keneally, Kathie Sansone, Lynne Muller, Merrily Larkin, Tish McCarthy

Below:taken in parking lot next to Town Hall (before expansion) and across from Plandome Road School

Front:Tim Keneally Jack Moran Rear:John Conroy Pat Garahan

Tish McCarthy and Bob Bickel

Mary Ann Kearney, Pam Overwalle, Bob Bickel, Tish McCarthy

: -)  This is the most efficient way for me to post photos for all to see - no need to look at other pages on site, unless you choose to do so  :-)

Pam Overwalle, Julie McGuire, and Kathy Cirina in what looks like Gino's 

Bob Bickel                  John Conroy             Lynne Muller​                     Suzanne McLain    John Conroy  Kathie Sansone